Korean Glass Skin
surges in overseas market.

In beauty sector, ‘Korean Glass Skin’ is one of the hottest words.

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Have you heard Korean Glass Skin?

K-GlassSkin surges

You can easily find millions of contents regarding Korean Glass Skin (K-GlassSkin). It is not just SNS fever, but the real demand growth in overseas market like U.S., Europe, Middle East and Asia. Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) exports jumped 21.7% year-on-year in the first quarter 2024 according to Korea Customs Service. K-Beauty exports marked a growth rate of 6.4% for the full year 2023. So, 21.7% is amazing growth rate. We expect such a high growth rate of K-Beauty continues on some reasons.

Why K-GlassSkin?

Korean Glass Skin’s popularity reflects most women’s wish for natural-looking beauty. This trend is in line with Korean traditional beauty custom, which prioritize skin care over makeup. Korean traditional beauty custom has focused on moistened, glowing and flawless skin looks like a glass. To achieve this goal, most Korean women have used raw materials from natural resources and current beauty vendors in Korea have adopted same way to produce cosmetics.

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Buying this domain of ‘kglassskin.com’, you can take an advantageous position in surging K-Beauty market. kglassskin.com is concise, intuitive and brandable. Any K-Beauty market player needs this domain for its strong marketing power . We expect that K-Beauty products sales in overseas market will grow at 2-digits number for the long-term periods. Since K-Beauty is at the very beginning stage of globalization.

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